SixWallet – A Certificate Manager and IRP/LDAP Client for Windows

SixWallet is a powerful IRP and LDAP client for Windows.

Here is a copy of the SixWallet User Guide in PDF.

SixWallet v1.4.0 User Guide – 16 March 2020

SixWallet provides the Windows Certificate Store management tool that was included in IE, but for some reason left out of the new Edge browser. It actually has far more functionality than the one in IE.

It allows you to request and download digital certificates from any CA that supports IRP (currently GlobalSign and Entrust Datacard, more to come). You can easily create CSRs to submit to any CA via cut and paste, then reassociate the issued cert with the private key and store the result in the Windows certificate store. Many of the things you might normally use OpenSSL command line tool can be done in seconds with our intuitive GUI.

It also allows you to manage LDAP entries securely, including posting client certs and PKCS12 files into LDAP or AD servers. This performs many of the functions you would normally need an LDAP editor app for, and makes it particularly easy to post and manage certificates and PKCS12 files into LDAP / AD.

It also supports certificate management in hardware cryptographic tokens, such as the Feitian ePass2003 or any PKCS11 compliant PKI smartcard or USB token.

This is a powerful tool for power users, developers or network/security admins. We can license a few copies or an organization license. Contact us for details.

We will shortly have a way for you to license this online and download the installer. I am also working on listing it in the MS AppStore. If you are interested in evaluating it or reselling it I can provide a 30 day eval license. Contact me at lhughes at pkiedu dot com.