PKIEdu Inc. – Training, Consulting and Sales of Cryptographic Products

PKIEdu Inc. is my company for paid consulting and training, as well as sales of cryptographic products.

I am an authorized reseller of software products from Sixscape Communications Pte Ltd, based in Singapore. I am co-founder and Chief Scientist there, and was a primary designer and contributor on most of these products. We have a very talented and knowledgeable Singapore-based team and global resellers who can also help with any size deployment.

IRP – Identity Registration Protocol – the basis of many of our other products.

SixWallet – an IRP and LDAP client for Windows that can be used to manually do certificate management, including posting certificates into LDAP (or AD) servers, and managing certificates in cryptographic tokens (e.g. Feitian ePass2003). Among other features, this replaces the certificate management tool that was in IE but for some reason left out of the MS Edge browser.

SixToken – a mobile device based scheme for doing passwordless cryptographic authentication and authorization for any online service. Your mobile device becomes your authentication token.

SixMail – an addin for Microsoft Outlook that fully automates getting S/MIME client certs, as well as retrieving recipient certificates for sending encrypted messages.

SixID – a next generation directory service to support end-to-end direct connections in the IPv6/5G world.

I am also available for in-service professional training and consulting in cryptography, PKI, Sixscape products, and IPv6 networking or software development. I am currently based in the Dallas Texas area in the U.S. At this time, most consulting and training will need to be done remotely, or via teleconferencing. I created IRP and was one of the primary designers of our products. I am also an IPv6 Forum gold-certified trainer and can actually certify engineers. See or for information on IPv6.