General CyberSecurity Information

This section covers general information on CyberSecurity. Some of involves PKI and digital certificates. It is important to understand that PKI and digital certificates do not exist in a vacuum, but as an important component in network security.

Topics to be covered are:

    • VPN – Virtual Private Network
    • Getting a Server Digital Certificate
    • Getting a Client Digital Certificate
    • Posting Client Digital Certificates in LDAP or Active Directory
    • Implementing S/MIME Secure E-mail in Outlook
    • Cryptographic Authentication to Online Services
    • Protecting Your Network with the pfSense Firewall
    • Public vs Private IP Addresses in IPv4
    • Network Address Translation in IPv4
    • BiNAT (1:1) Network Address Translation in IPv4
    • Port Mapping in IPv4
    • The Free Host Based Firewall in Windows 10
    • 6in4 Tunneling with pfSense to Obtain IPv6 Service
    • Controlling Network Access with IPv6 in pfSense
    • PeerTLS – for End-to-End Direct Connections